Thursday, December 23, 2010

My life journey in 2010

I started 2010 year with the intention to share my love for yoga with other people. I felt very enthusiastic and eager to serve and give as much as I can.  I was imagining how to communicate my knowledge, how to present myself (I am still wondering if they understand my Russian accent?). My first year of teaching yoga…

Each yoga studio, each community, each student is unique. How to make everyone happy about the class? I used to take a lot of yoga classes. Looking back in time, what made me come back?

My goal is to stay centered and let the divine unveil herself through my teaching. It is not just some technique but my love for yoga and my whole life experience behind my teaching. Every class I give out my energy I receive back. My students are my inspiration. So many times during this year I experienced excitement and satisfaction when one of them succeeded in their first arm balance or their first headstand. I am blessed with the journey. I am blessed with my students. Teaching yoga is a big part of my life that makes me happy, and I think it’s just a beginning of the path.