Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Art of Giving

Holiday time might be a little stressful and hectic. Overwhelmed with shopping for gifts and many house arrangements, people are in a rush to buy more and more, being afraid to forget something in a shopping list. You can search in a shopping marathon for weeks and still didn’t find a satisfying gift. 
Yoga teaches us to be fully present in each moment, and a moment of giving is important. The meaning of true giving is when your share something from your heart, when you try to make a difference in someones life.  If we share our energy, wealth and knowledge in this way we always receive back, from heart to heart. There is a simple technique I like. While looking for a best present, imagine a face of your loved one, with all the little details so familiar to you,  connect to this energy of Love, and the best present comes to you. You’ll feel the smile of this person in your heart. 
Consider non-traditional gifts, that are not purchased from stores, such as cooking a famous dish, cleaning and arranging the house, or employ your creativity for some art project, - make your gift an expression of your heart.  

In this season of giving I am offering a free yoga class to the community. I’ll teach on Christmas morning, at a beautiful studio Downtown Yoga Shala. All proceeds will go to Second Harvest Bank. This giving reflects my inner desire to generate more Love, Peace and Joy in the world. I hope you’ll accept my heart-to-heart gift, and this would be the best holiday gift for me. I am very grateful to all of you for being with me in 2011!
With Love,