Friday, February 25, 2011

Golden Middle

A few days ago one of the students came to me after class, “I can always learn something new in your class. Thank you for being encouraging and pushing us to deepen our practice.” Another student complained that other teachers didn’t give “advanced” asanas in their classes.  One of my Indian students complimented, “You are the only teacher who ever chants The Gayatry mantra.”  Seems like I am on a right way, am I?

There are some other students who say nothing and will never return to class again. I remember reading an anonymous feedback about my teaching in one of the studios. There was one that caught my attention. The lady was complaining that I tried to turn everybody upside down into headstand, and she would never come back to my class.

There would always be different perceptions of the same situation. How to find a golden middle while teaching? Is it possible to make everybody satisfied? Should I make it my goal to please everybody in the class?