Monday, April 15, 2013

Learning my own journey

 I was blessed to meet great people in my life; some of them from yoga and some are not. My new cycle of learning began in 2012, when I was introduced to Sufi path. I am so happy to share some of the things I learned during my first year. These are very deep teachings and practices that are coming from our Sufi guide Sidi al-Jamal.

In a beautiful spring day I was walking in the park and enjoying the nature. What makes everything in the nature be so organized, interconnected and cyclic? When I saw grass grown through the hard surface I was wondering how does it happen, what is the mystery? What makes grass that strong? I took a piece of grass and tried to penetrate a very thin tissue, but grass was bending and didn’t go through it. Why? Because I am not a giver of strength quality; you and I are not a Greater Source of life .

My two dear gifts from God, Stacy and Alisa 
Source of everything is Light, essence of Light is love, and love consists of many different qualities.

When a baby comes into this world, a baby is innocent, with a clean mind and a pure soul. In a nature’s wisdom every new creation is different. Every baby is born with the unique DNA combination that defines how baby looks. A baby also has a unique recipe of the soul, unique combination of qualities.

The essence of life is love that comes from the greater source, from Creator. The deepest essence of our soul is love that connects all of us to the Source. According to Sufi tradition, Love manifests in different forms and has various qualities. Every outer expression of a quality corresponds to the inner essence of our soul. When you see a big bird feeding a little bird you see mercy and compassion, and you can feel this quality inside your heart. When you see a majesty and beauty of the sky and the mountains, you can find this quality of majesty inside your soul. When you touch a rose petal you feel how soft and gentle it is. Then you can feel gentleness and softness inside your heart. Just pause, look inside and feel.

My journey is to discover all the beautiful qualities within. I close my eyes and take a deep breath to feel how much of every quality is given to me by Creator. Everyone’s soul has a special recipe. Everyone is distinct in his/her own way. I want to discover my own potential, my own qualities, to serve my unique gifts to my family, students, and friends. I want to share my love and help others to recognize their own personal bouquets, of strength, courage, compassion, wisdom and other qualities.

During meditation and praying, I listen to the inner voice. The message from within is, “Listen to your heart, trust into universal wisdom, and believe into your own potential!” It's a long path to walk.